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From:andy bang Date:July 5 2016 6:31pm
Subject:MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2.3 has been released
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We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2.3 is now
available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site.  It
will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud with the
July update in a few weeks.  MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a
commercial extension to the MySQL family of products.

This is a maintenance release that includes a few enhancements and
fixes a number of bugs.  You can find more information on the contents
of this release in the change log:
     (also included at the end of this note for convenience)

You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support:

Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or
Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet.

You will also find the binaries on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
in a few weeks:

Choose "MySQL Database" as the Product Pack and you will find the
Enterprise Monitor along with other MySQL products.

Version 3.2 adds significant replication monitoring enhancements.
With the new release you can:

* Monitor and visualize any complex replication topology available in
   MySQL 5.7 using the completely revamped Replication Dashboard:

* Intuitively monitor the current process list for any MySQL 5.6+

* Monitor your new MySQL 5.7 instances and ensure that all of the new
   features and components are being used optimally:

You can see some highlights of MySQL Enterprise Monitor in the new

Please open a bug or a ticket on My Oracle Support to report problems,
request features, or give us general feedback about how this release
meets your needs.

If you are not a MySQL Enterprise customer and want to try the Monitor
and Query Analyzer using our 30-day free customer trial, go to, or contact Sales at

Useful URLs

* My Oracle Support -
* What's New in 3.2 -
* Change log -
* Installation documentation -
* Complete documentation -
* Product information -
* FAQs -
* Download - (available now) or (refreshed in a week or so)

Thanks and Happy Monitoring!

   - The MySQL Enterprise Tools Development Team


Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2.3

Functionality Added or Changed

* Important Change: It is not possible for MySQL Enterprise Monitor
   Agent 2.3.x to communicate with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager
   3.2.3. This configuration is no longer supported. It is strongly
   recommended to use the same version of agents as service manager.

* It is now possible to configure alerts for incremental backups in
   the MySQL Enterprise Backup advisor. (Bug #23091335)

* The Warnings Not Being Logged advisor text was updated.

* Events for any future-dated asset which is not an agent, OS, or
   MySQL instance, are deleted. Under certain circumstances, these
   events contained empty fields.

* Timeout connection handling has been improved in this release.

* It is now possible to see which replicas are candidates for
   promotion. For more information, see Most Appropriate Candidates for
   Source Promotion in Group Status.

Bugs Fixed

* HTTP Server KeyStore's Certificate About to Expire advisor did not
   behave as expected when provided with a relative path to the
   keystore and logged many errors. (Bug #23564467)

* Auto-refresh did not behave as expected on the Replication Group
   Overview. The refresh loaded the last-viewed replication group
   instead of refreshing the overview. (Bug #23558653)

* The following advisors contained incorrect Emergency threshold

   - Relay Log Space Very Large

   - Replication Too Far Behind

     (Bug #23512644)

* The LDAP and SSL documentation did not contain information on how to
   connect to LDAP servers which implement AES256. (Bug #23507489)

* The following variables were missing from the Fulltext Search
   section of the MySQL Instance InnoDB tab:

   - innodb_ft_enable_diag_print

   - innodb_ft_result_cache_limit

   - innodb_ft_total_cache_size

     (Bug #23474063)

* LDAP configuration was not validated when saved. As a result, if the
   LDAP connection information was incorrectly configured,
   NullPointerExceptions were logged, and it was not possible to
   connect to the LDAP server. (Bug #23299288)

* The certificate to keystore upgrade process attempted to use the
   system's openSSL installation instead of that delivered with the
   installer. As a result, if openSSL was not installed on the system,
   the upgrade failed. As of this release, the upgrade only uses the
   openSSL libraries delivered with the installer. (Bug #22522309)

* Replication status details were not reported correctly if source
   members of the replication topology were not monitored.

* The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager utility returned a
   stack trace for unsupported commands, instead of redirecting the
   user to the help..

* Custom agent service names were not maintained by the agent upgrade
   process. The custom name was overwritten by the default agent
   service name, MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent.
MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.2.3 has been releasedandy bang5 Jul