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From:Gipson Pulla Date:September 30 2015 3:38pm
Subject:MySQL Community Server 5.5.46 has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Server 5.5.46 is a new version of the 5.5 production release
of the world's most popular open source database. MySQL 5.5.46 is
recommended for use on production systems.

MySQL 5.5 includes several high-impact enhancements to improve the
performance and scalability of the MySQL Database, taking advantage of
the latest multi-CPU and multi-core hardware and operating systems. In
addition, with release 5.5, InnoDB is now the default storage engine for
the MySQL Database, delivering ACID transactions, referential integrity
and crash recovery by default.

MySQL 5.5 also provides a number of additional enhancements including:

   - Significantly improved performance on Windows, with various
     Windows specific features and improvements
   - Higher availability, with new semi-synchronous replication and
     Replication Heartbeat
   - Improved usability, with Improved index and table partitioning,
     SIGNAL/RESIGNAL support and enhanced diagnostics, including a new
     Performance Schema monitoring capability.

For a more complete look at what's new in MySQL 5.5, please see the
following resources:

MySQL 5.5 is GA, Interview with Tomas Ulin:


If you are running a MySQL production level system, we would like to
direct your attention to MySQL Enterprise Edition, which includes the
most comprehensive set of MySQL production, backup, monitoring,
modeling, development, and administration tools so businesses can
achieve the highest levels of MySQL performance, security and uptime.

For information on installing MySQL 5.5.46 on new servers, please see
the MySQL installation documentation at

For upgrading from previous MySQL releases, please see the important
upgrade considerations at:

MySQL Database 5.5.46 is available in source and binary form for a
number of platforms from our download pages at:

The following section lists the changes in the MySQL source code since
the previous released version of MySQL 5.5. It may also be viewed
online at:


Changes in MySQL 5.5.46 (2015-09-30)

      * Functionality Added or Changed

      * Bugs Fixed

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * yaSSL was upgraded to version 2.3.8. (Bug #21888925)

      * yaSSL was upgraded to version 2.3.7d. This fixes a
        connection-failure issue when used with the thread pool
        plugin. (Bug #20774956)

    Bugs Fixed

      * InnoDB: A data corruption occurred on ARM64. GCC builtins
        did not issue the correct fences when setting or
        unsetting the lock word. (Bug #21102971, Bug #76135)

      * InnoDB: In READ COMMITTED mode, a REPLACE operation on a
        unique secondary index resulted in a constraint
        violation. Thanks to Alexey Kopytov for the patch. (Bug
        #21025880, Bug #76927)

      * InnoDB: The IBUF_BITMAP_FREE bit indicated that there was
        more free space in the leaf page than was actually
        available. (Bug #20796566)

      * InnoDB: Setting lower_case_table_names=0 on a
        case-insensitive file system could result in a hang
        condition when running an INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... FROM
        tbl_name operation with the wrong tbl_name letter case.
        An error message is now printed and the server exits when
        attempting to start the server with
        --lower_case_table_names=0 on a case-insensitive file
        system. (Bug #20198490, Bug #75185)

      * Partitioning: CREATE TABLE statements that used an
        invalid function in a subpartitioning expression did not
        always fail gracefully as expected. (Bug #20310212)

      * Partitioning: ALTER TABLE when executed from a stored
        procedure did not always work correctly with tables
        partitioned by RANGE. (Bug #16613004)

      * Certain subqueries as arguments to PROCEDURE ANALYSE()
        could cause a server exit. (Bug #21350175)

      * mysql_ssl_rsa_setup could create an unwanted .rnd file in
        the data directory. (The file is actually created by
        openssl, which mysql_ssl_ras_setup invokes.
        mysql_ssl_rsa_setup now cleans up the file.) (Bug

      * An assertion could be raised due to incorrect error
        handling if a SELECT ... FOR UPDATE subquery resulted in
        deadlock and caused a rollback. (Bug #21096444)

      * Servers linked against yaSSL and compiled with GCC 4.8.2
        could fail to respond correctly to connection attempts
        until several seconds after startup. (Bug #21025377)

      * For tables with subpartitions, the server could exit due
        to incorrect error handling during partition pruning if
        the partition could be identified but not the
        subpartition. (Bug #20909518)

      * DELETE could check privileges for the wrong database when
        table aliases were used. (Bug #20777016)

      * Within a trigger, use of a cursor that accessed OLD or
        NEW values from a row could cause a server exit. (Bug

      * MySQL sometimes produced no warning when it was unable to
        interpret a character in a given character set. (Bug

      * For MySQL distributions linked against yaSSL, a corrupt
        client key file could cause clients to exit. (Bug

      * Execution of certain BINLOG statements while temporary
        tables were open by HANDLER statements could cause a
        server exit. (Bug #19894987, Bug #20449914)

      * On Windows, setting query_cache_min_res_unit to too large
        a value could result in a value of 0 and a subsequent
        server exit. (Bug #18487951)

      * RPM installation scripts if configuration files contained
        multiple datadir lines. Now the last datadir line is
        used. (Bug #77878, Bug #21527467)

      * For wait events, the Performance Schema uses the CYCLE
        timer by default, but failed to fall back to a different
        timer if CYCLE was unavailable. (Bug #77577, Bug

      * Updating VARCHAR and TEXT columns in the same UPDATE
        statement could produce incorrect results. When a VARCHAR
        column was assigned to a TEXT column and the VARCHAR
        column was then set to a different value, the TEXT
        column's result contained the VARCHAR column's new value.
        (Bug #77135, Bug #21143080)

      * mysqladmin -u root -p could exit with a segmentation
        fault. (Bug #76538, Bug #20802751)

      * mysqlimport --use-threads did not actually use multiple
        threads. (Bug #76480, Bug #20772273)

      * View creation from a UNION failed with a duplicate-column
        error if a SELECT statement in the UNION other than the
        first used the same column name multiple times. (Bug
        #74539, Bug #19886430)

      * Empty XML elements having the form <element/> were not
        handled correctly by the LOAD XML statement. (Bug #67542,
        Bug #16171518)

On behalf of Oracle MySQL Release Engineering Team,
Gipson Pulla
MySQL Community Server 5.5.46 has been releasedGipson Pulla30 Sep