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From:Balasubramanian Kandasamy Date:August 3 2015 3:04pm
Subject:MySQL Community Server 5.7.8 has been released (part 3/3)
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[This is part 3 (last) of the announcement ]

      * Replication: Using mysqlbinlog to replay a relay log
        which ended with GTID_LOG_EVENT could cause the following
        ERROR 1790 (HY000) @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT cannot be changed
        by a client that owns a GTID. The client owns UUID:GTID.
        Ownership is released on COMMIT or ROLLBACK.
        If a relay log rotate happens (either through a receiver
        thread restart or after issuing the ROTATE command)
        exactly after writing a GTID_LOG_EVENT, when replaying
        such a relay log's end ROTATE_EVENT, it was mistakenly
        identified as being inside a transaction, whereas the
        transaction was actually started after GTID_LOG_EVENT.
        This caused mysqlbinlog to append SET
        @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT='AUTOMATIC', resulting in two
        GTID_NEXT statements one after the other. The fix ensures
        that mysqlbinlog generates SET
        @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT='AUTOMATIC' only outside of a
        transaction and when there has not been a previous
        Similarly, using mysqlbinlog to concatenate and replay a
        relay log which contained a partial GTID transaction
        caused the above error. A relay log can contain a partial
        GTID transaction when AUTO_POSITION is enabled if a
        receiver thread is restarted when it is in the middle of
        transferring a transaction from a master. On restart the
        slave retrieves the full transaction again. In this case,
        the first relay log contains a partial GTID transaction
        and the second relay log contains the full GTID
        transaction again. When using mysqlbinlog to concatenate
        such a relay log, the partial transaction was not being
        correctly detected and therefore a ROLLBACK was not being
        correctly generated. The fix identifies partial GTID
        transactions using the format description event of the
        second relay log, ensuring that a ROLLBACK is correctly
        added. (Bug #70711, Bug #17650326)

      * Replication: The replication connection now sends the
        program_name attribute, "mysqld", in line with the
        behavior of other client connections. In addition, a
        _client_role attribute has been added and is set to
        "binary_log_listener", to clarify the replication
        connection's role, as well as the
        _client_replication_channel_name attribute, which is set
        to the replication channel's name. Similarly, mysqlbinlog
        now sets _client_role to "binary_log_listener". These
        changes are exposed through the session_connect_attrs
        Performance Schema table. (Bug #68782, Bug #16555723)

      * On platforms where char is unsigned, mysql_config_editor
        could fail to detect failed operations. Affected
        platforms include ARM and PowerPC. (Bug #21355630)

      * The Rewriter plugin linked against the mysys library,
        which is already linked into the server and thus
        available at load time when the plugin is installed. (Bug

      * The unused and unmaintained BUILD/ script
        has been removed from the source tree. (Bug #21246941)

      * Memory leaks found by enabling AddressSanitizer were
        corrected in mysql, mysqlcheck, mysqldump, mysqlshow,
        mysqlslap, mysqltest, mysql_client_test, mysql_upgrade,
        and mysql_install_db. (Bug #21246627, Bug #21246842, Bug
        #21246964, Bug #21247377, Bug #21250562, Bug #21250584,
        Bug #21250644, Bug #21250876, Bug #21250947, Bug
        #21253535, Bug #21253653, Bug #21254060, Bug #21255860)

      * Multiple definitions of key_memory_KEY_CACHE caused
        compilation failure when ASAN was enabled. (Bug

      * ST_IsValid() could return false for some valid
        MultiPolygon arguments. (Bug #21238969)

      * ST_Buffer() with a LineString argument could produce a
        Polygon that self-intersected. (Bug #21238614)

      * Compilation failed when building MySQL without the
        Performance Schema. (Bug #21229433)

      * Updating the setup_consumers table to set history or
        long-history consumers had no affect on historical event
        logging for existing threads. (Bug #21223458)

      * For debug builds, failure of the range optimizer to
        properly propagate errors occurring during partition
        pruning could raise an assertion. (Bug #21211492)

      * A SET PASSWORD statement that failed with
        ER_MUST_CHANGE_PASSWORD could still change the
        password_last_changed column for a row in the mysql.user
        table. (Bug #21192879)

      * An optimizer hint assertion could be raised when a table
        was used in both parts of an INSERT INTO ... SELECT
        statement. (Bug #21192857)

      * The create_tmp_table() return value was not checked,
        which could lead to a server exit. (Bug #21190532)

      * SHOW GLOBAL STATUS Com_xxx counters did not reflect
        SELECT statements. (Bug #21186946)

      * Incorrect cost calculation for the semi-join Duplicate
        Weedout strategy could result in a server exit. (Bug

      * Some Valgrind warnings in Item_type_holder::join_types()
        were spurious and have been silenced. (Bug #21156155)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #19471564.

      * ST_ConvexHull() could return incorrect results for
        MultiLineString arguments. (Bug #21153716)

      * The optimizer hint parser could read freed memory. (Bug

      * An event scheduler thread could be freed improperly,
        potentially leading to a server exit. (Bug #21145277, Bug

      * For debug builds, VIRTUAL generated columns could be
        marked writable during read operations and cause an
        assertion to be raised for partitioned tables. (Bug

      * For debug builds, a missing error test for full-text
        searches could cause an assertion to be raised. (Bug

      * Outer references do not work as arguments to MATCH(), but
        the server did not properly detect them. Now it does and
        raises an error. (Bug #21140088)

      * EXPLAIN could raise an assertion trying to display very
        large full-text search rank values. (Bug #21140067)

      * For debug builds, full-text searches could raise an
        assertion if the optimizer tried to use a covering index
        when that was not appropriate. (Bug #21140039)

      * SHOW STATUS and SHOW VARIABLES failed to produce output
        if the server was started with the Performance Schema
        disabled. (Bug #21139458)

      * ST_Intersection() could produce areal and point
        intersection results, but was not able to produce linear
        intersection results. (Bug #21109896)

      * If the server was started with the --ssl-cipher option,
        autogeneration and autodetection of SSL certificates did
        not work. (Bug #21108296)

      * ALTER TABLE statements that defined a generated column
        using MATCH ... AGAINST in its expression could raise an
        assertion. (Bug #21098119)

      * The server could raise an assertion or produce an
        incorrect error message for inserts into a view if a
        single table for insertion could not be identified. (Bug

      * Optimizer hint query block names are identifiers, but the
        parser did not recognize valid identifer names such as
        123a when used in @query_block_name syntax. (Bug

      * SSL certificates autogenerated by the server could have
        CN values that exceeded 64 characters. In that case, the
        server now omits the _server_version part of the CN
        values so the length falls within 64 characters. (Bug

      * open_files_limit could be set higher than permitted by
        the operating system. (Bug #21074643)

      * systemd timeout logic could be triggered if InnoDB log
        rebuilding or recovery took too long. Because the time
        this may take is unknown, systemd timeout during service
        start or stop is now disabled. (Bug #21071740)

      * Deallocation of Debug Sync structures within the InnoDB
        handlerton close connection method could raise an
        assertion. (Bug #21069721)

      * Queries on a geometry column returned an error instead of
        a result if there existed a UNIQUE index on the column.
        (Bug #21067378)

      * Comparisons of table names in optimizer hints did not
        respect the value of the lower_case_table_names system
        variable. (Bug #21056644)

      * An assertion could be raised if a multiple-table UPDATE
        of a view, where the same column was used in the SET and
        JOIN clauses, was used as a prepared statement. (Bug

      * With row-based binary logging, automatic dropping of a
        scheduled event that had reached the end of its lifetime
        could raise an assertion. (Bug #21041908)

      * CMake configuration was adjusted to disable unnecessary
        warnings reported by Clang and display them only if
        -DMYSQL_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 is used. (Bug #21041451)

      * If a single-table subquery had identical GROUP BY and
        ORDER BY clauses on a UNIQUE NOT NULL column, the results
        could be incorrectly ordered. (Bug #21038929)

      * The PARSE_GCOL_EXPR keyword used internally by the parser
        was treated as a reserved word and thus could not be used
        as an identifier without quoting it. (Bug #21035515)

      * Multiple executions of a prepared SET statement that used
        a subquery could result in a server exit. (Bug #20982756)

      * The INDEX_NAME column of the Performance Schema
        table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage table could
        sometimes show incorrect index names for tables until
        they had been in use for some time. (Bug #20980217)

      * With auto_generate_certs enabled, the server
        automatically created SSL files if any of ca.pem,
        server-cert.pem, and server-key.pem were missing from the
        data directory. Now it creates the files only if all of
        them are missing (the same test used by
        mysql_ssl_rsa_setup). (Bug #20963082)

      * The server compiled with Performance Schema support could
        not be started with performance_schema=OFF due to a
        dependency on it for the sys schema, which expected to
        find Performance Schema tables. The Performance Schema
        now creates its tables during startup even if disabled.
        (Bug #20956599)

      * For CREATE TABLE ... SELECT, it was possible to assign
        values to generated columns in the destination table.
        (Bug #20949226)

      * The server could exit when the Performance Schema read
        thread status variables under load. (Bug #20927157, Bug
        #20922218, Bug #21103103)

      * Previously, SSL files created automatically by the server
        were valid for one year. The validity period has been
        extended to ten years (the same as SSL files created by
        mysql_ssl_rsa_setup). (Bug #20923066)

      * CMake support was adjusted for the change of the
        -Wno-unused-local-typedefs option to
        -Wno-unused-local-typedef in Clang 3.6. (Bug #20921370)

      * For debug builds, XA PREPARE raised an assertion if a
        transaction contained at least one update and none were
        InnoDB updates. (Bug #20920851)

      * Using ST_Centroid() with a geometry collection containing
        an invalid polygon could cause a server exit. (Bug

      * mysql_upgrade failed if the show_compatibility_56 system
        variable was enabled. (Bug #20914786)

      * Identifiers in normalized statements were sometimes
        quoted and sometimes not, an inconsistency that caused
        matching failure for statement digests and digest texts.
        This caused problems for Performance Schema aggregation
        by digest. Identifiers now are quoted consistently. (Bug

      * For small values of the read_rnd_buffer_size system
        variable, internal caching of temporary results could
        fail and cause query execution failure. (Bug #20895852)

      * Invalid memory pointer access could occur during access
        to the Performance Schema events_statements_history
        table, resulting in a server exit. (Bug #20878306)

      * For debug builds, passing EXPORT_SET() to
        VALIDATE_PASSWORD_STRENGTH() could raise an assertion.
        (Bug #20863229)

      * A failed FLUSH PRIVILEGES statement followed by
        statements to create or drop accounts could cause a
        server exit. (Bug #20857652)

      * SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and selecting from the
        spurious warning about the sql_log_bin system variable.
        (Bug #20854952)

      * Large values of the points_per_circle argument to the
        ST_Buffer_Strategy() function could cause large amounts
        of memory to be used. To avoid inadvertent excessive
        memory use, the maximum value of this argument is now
        constrained to be the value of the new
        max_points_in_geometry system variable. This variable has
        default, minimum, and maximum values of 65,536, 3, and
        1,048,576, respectively. (Bug #20842030, Bug #21212788)

      * For certain inputs, ST_Buffer() could raise an assertion.
        (Bug #20841874)

      * An assertion could be raised if the server used a string
        column as the key of a temporary table. (Bug #20835095)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #19695490.

      * An assertion could be raised for queries with a GROUP BY
        clause and a table for which the optimizer identified
        multiple candidate indexes. (Bug #20819199)

      * For some startup errors, the server could call exit()
        before shutting down plugins and thus failed to invoke
        their atexit() handlers. (Bug #20798617)

      * SHOW VARIABLES mutexes were being locked twice, resulting
        in a server exit. (Bug #20788853)

      * ull2dec() was modified to avoid a problem with GCC 5 in
        optimized mode. (Bug #20768820)

      * Using GCC 5, debug builds failed due to compiler
        warnings. (Bug #20768717)

      * DDL operations on a server configured with InnoDB as read
        only caused a server exit due to invalid memory access
        during error reporting. (Bug #20763179)

      * ALTER TABLE could fail to prevent subqueries in the
        definition of generated columns, resulting in a server
        exit. (Bug #20757211)

      * Invalid use of the THD structure with generated columns
        could cause an assertion to be raised. (Bug #20746926)

      * Parser state was initialized incorrectly for parsing
        generated column expressions. (Bug #20745142)

      * For large values of max_digest_length, the Performance
        Schema could encounter an overflow error when computing
        memory requirements, resulting in a server exit. (Bug

      * A Provides rule in RPM .spec files misspelled
        "mysql-embedded" as "mysql-emdedded". (Bug #20734434)

      * Columns specified through JOIN ... USING or NATURAL JOIN
        that were resolved from a derived table could raise an
        assertion. (Bug #20733540)

      * Compiling using Clang with AddressSanitizer (ASAN)
        enabled caused the gen_lex_hash utility to abort with
        memory leak check failures. (Bug #20720615)

      * Attempts to establish SSL connections to a Community
        Edition server failed if the client had a password and
        the server did not have the general query log enabled.
        (Bug #20693153)

      * Prepared statement execution statistics were not
        correctly tracked in the Performance Schema
        prepared_statements_instances table. (Bug #20692556)

      * MySQL 5.7.6 restricted the list of symbols exported by
        the C client library. One of these was
        mysql_get_parameters, but that is used by the DBD::mysql
        Perl module. mysql_get_parameters is now exported. (Bug

      * Cleanup after a MATCH() operation could write to freed
        memory. (Bug #20685427)

      * Some server warnings referred to the now-deprecated
        mysql_install_db command. (Bug #20681412)

      * NDB could raise an assertion for failure to get the
        tablespace name when attempting to acquire a metadata
        lock. (Bug #20676000)

      * EXPLAIN for a query containing an uncorrelated subquery
        could attempt to materialize the subquery twice, raising
        an assertion. (Bug #20665051)

      * mysqlslap and mysql_client_test failed to use an SSL
        connection by default. (Bug #20654023)

      * Debian and Ubuntu package installers neglected to run
        mysql_ssl_rsa_setup during installation. (Bug #20650118)

      * The mysql_real_escape_string_quote() C API function
        failed to escape backtick (`) characters when the
        NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES SQL mode was disabled. (Bug

      * The Spencer regex library used for the REGEXP operator
        could be subject to heap overflow in some circumstances.
        (Bug #20642505)

      * A missing error check after a call to
        find_field_in_tables() within the optimizer could cause
        an assertion to be raised. (Bug #20615597)

      * Optimization of x IN (SELECT y FROM DUAL WHERE ...) was
        treated the same as x IN (SELECT y FROM DUAL), losing the
        WHERE clause and resulting in a server exit. (Bug

      * A buffer-overflow error could occur for mysqlslap during
        option parsing. (Bug #20605441)

      * The message displayed to indicate that a password was
        expired and must be reset referred to the deprecated SET
        PASSWORD statement. It now refers to ALTER USER. (Bug

      * For debug builds, DROP DATABASE raised an assertion if
        there were non-database files in the database directory.
        (Bug #20573701)

      * For CREATE TABLE ... SELECT, an error occurred if a
        selected column was a generated column that depended on a
        nonselected column. To handle this, the destination table
        does not preserve information about whether selected
        columns are generated columns. (Bug #20566243)

      * Code for reading and writing the grant tables assumed
        that these were MyISAM tables and did not handle errors
        that can be thrown if the tables are handled by a
        different storage engine. (Bug #20561087)

      * A user with an expired password could execute ALTER USER
        statements other than to assign a new password. (Bug

      * An OpenSSL error queue associated with each thread was
        not freed on thread release, resulting in a Valgrind
        error. (Bug #20551271)

      * The property of whether a view is updatable was
        calculated when it was created. If the view referred to
        another view that was dropped and recreated and the new
        definition of the referenced view had different
        updatability than the original definition, that could
        affect the updatability of the referring view. Not taking
        into account this change in updatability could cause an
        assertion to be raised. To avoid this problem, the server
        now assesses updatability when reading a view definition
        rather than at view creation time. (Bug #20515155)

      * Built-in SQL functions could raise an assertion or cause
        a server exit if the wrong thread pointer was used to
        produce an error or warning message. (Bug #20454979)

      * Incorrect calculation of the length of strings written to
        the binary log could raise an assertion or cause a server
        exit. (Bug #20444737)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #16066637.

      * Nonoptimal cost estimates for key lookups could cause
        some queries to be executed with a table scan rather than
        key lookups. (Bug #20443863)

      * The range optimizer interpreted a hidden key part (InnoDB
        primary key) as a minimum bounding rectangle (MBR) index.
        Such primary keys cannot be used as MBRs, and a server
        exit resulted.. (Bug #20430526)

      * The WITH CHECK OPTION of a view was sometimes ignored if
        the view was included in another view. For discussion of
        the implications of this fix, see The View WITH CHECK
        OPTION Clause
        (Bug #20407961)

      * Calculation of "within" or "contains" relationships
        failed for some types of geometry collections. (Bug

      * Setting the password for an account not using a built-in
        authentication plugin could cause the account to become
        The fix for this problem involves a change to the
        authentication plugin API to add a new
        authentication_flags member to the server-side plugin
        descriptor. See Writing the Server-Side Authentication

        (Bug #20364862)

      * Spatial WKT export functions produced too-long string
        representations of coordinate values instead of switching
        to exponential notation. (Bug #20363531)

      * An off-by-one error in string-copying code could result
        in a buffer overflow. (Bug #20359808)

      * The Performance Schema events_waits_summary_by_instance
        table could fail to return rows for socket instruments.
        (Bug #20348824)

      * Under certain conditions, the libedit command-line
        library could write outside an array boundary and cause a
        client program crash. (Bug #20318154)

      * Invalid linestring values with a single point and
        unclosed polygons with fewer than four points could cause
        a server exit. Such invalid values now are rejected. (Bug

      * The MeCab full-text parser plugin was omitted from RPM
        and Debian packages. (Bug #20315007)

      * mysql_config_editor could exit abnormally while
        encrypting passwords. (Bug #20294225)

      * A deadlock error reported by InnoDB could cause rollback
        inside InnoDB while the transaction continued at the SQL
        layer. (Bug #20262654)

      * Some queries could return different results depending on
        whether the semijoin flag of the optimizer_switch system
        variable was enabled or disabled. (Bug #20239912)

      * MySQL sometimes produced no warning when it was unable to
        interpret a character in a given character set. (Bug

      * Host value matching for the grant tables could fail to
        use the most specific of values that contained wildcard
        characters. (Bug #20181776)

      * For MySQL distributions linked against yaSSL, a corrupt
        client key file could cause clients to exit. (Bug

      * Use of SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT) in a subquery in the FROM
        clause could produce incorrect results. (Bug #20145024)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #18766378.

      * For join queries with a large number of tables, the
        server could exit converting the join to a semi-join.
        (Bug #20109861)

      * ALTER TABLE operations that changed only an index comment
        were not being treated as a fast/in-place alteration.
        (Bug #20106553)

      * Following execution of a GRANT ... WITH GRANT OPTION
        statement, execution of a prepared statement with a view
        could cause a server exit. (Bug #20030284)

      * ADDTIME() could produce an out-of-range result with a
        year >= 10,000. (Bug #19900900)

      * Within a stored procedure, access to view columns after
        DDL or FLUSH TABLES statements in the procedure could
        cause a server exit. (Bug #19897405)

      * If the server was started with the
        explicit_defaults_for_timestamp system variable enabled,
        CREATE TABLE statements that defined a column as
        TIMESTAMP NOT NULL failed. (Bug #19881933)

      * References to select list columns of the outer query from
        the HAVING clause of a correlated subquery in the inner
        query should, but did not, return an error, resulting in
        a server exit. (Bug #19823076)

      * Specifying a bad --init-file option value could cause the
        server to hang at startup. (Bug #19822257)

      * Several ST_Envelope() problems were corrected:

           + If the mimimum bounding rectangle (MBR) of a
             geometry degrades to a Point or horizontal or
             vertical LineString, ST_Envelope() returns that
             value rather than an invalid polygon.

           + The return value for an empty geometry collection
             now is an empty geometry rather than NULL.

           + If a geometry is geometrically invalid but has a
             valid WKB string, return a valid MBR rather than
        (Bug #19811953, Bug #20196720)

      * For debug builds, an assertion could be raised if a
        top-level query had a HAVING clause that contained a
        subquery referencing a column from the top-level query.
        (Bug #19811896)

      * For debug builds, an assertion could be raised when a
        top-level query had a HAVING clause that contained a
        subquery referencing a column from the top-level query.
        (Bug #19811896)

      * GROUP BY or ORDER BY on a CHAR(0) NOT NULL column could
        lead to a server exit. (Bug #19660891)

      * If a spatial column contained invalid spatial data,
        creating a SPATIAL index on the column failed to produce
        an error. (Bug #19593342)

      * The server could exit if a grouped query had a nongrouped
        subquery that contained a reference to an aggregate
        function. (Bug #19585938)

      * Loading corrupt spatial data into a MyISAM table could
        cause the server to exit during index building. (Bug

      * Some spatial functions converted -0 to 0. This no longer
        occurs. (Bug #19504183)

      * For debug builds, certain UPDATE statements could raise
        an assertion. (Bug #19055268)

      * The LooseScan execution strategy for semi-joins failed to
        evaluate the WHERE condition on rows coming from the
        first inner table of an outer join. (Bug #18892055)

      * An internal procedure that creates temporary tables and
        expected a flat list of expressions to map onto table
        columns sometimes received a list that was not flat,
        causing an assertion to be raised. (Bug #18745214)

      * For MyISAM or MEMORY tables, a nested join with a
        subquery could product a result set with missing rows
        when the optimizer_switch condition_fanout_filter flag
        was enabled. (Bug #18717059)

      * For some status variables that should monotonically
        increase, SHOW GLOBAL STATUS in one session could show
        them as decreasing when other concurrent sessions changed
        user or disconnected. (Bug #18591145)

      * On Windows, setting query_cache_min_res_unit to too large
        a value could result in a value of 0 and a subsequent
        server exit. (Bug #18487951)

      * For debug builds, SET statements that assigned a subquery
        value to a variable could raise an assertion due to
        improper cleanup related to GROUP BY or ORDER BY clauses.
        (Bug #18486509)

      * The validate_password plugin was not installed by RPM
        packages for platorms using systemd or SysV-style
        initialization scripts. (Bug #18438833)

      * Some queries involving spatial relation checks would
        produce correct results for MyISAM tables but not InnoDB
        tables. (Bug #18422162)

      * Deleting rows from an empty MyISAM table with a spatial
        index resulted in a spurious error message about a
        corrupt index. (Bug #18412756)

      * Boolean full-text searches for MyISAM tables could fail.
        (Bug #18279587)

      * A client that attempted to establish SSL connections from
        a large number of threads simultaneously could exit with
        a segmentation fault. (Bug #18052165)

      * For HANDLER read statements that scanned a spatial index,
        type conversion errors of values read from the index
        could cause a server exit. (Bug #17846865)

      * A query with an IN subquery where the left-hand side was
        a scalar subquery might cause a server exit. (Bug

      * The server could exit under conditions when a query
        contained the following construct but produced an empty
        literal-valued row constructor <=> (subquery containing UNION)
        (Bug #17668844)

      * DO statements containing multiple expressions could
        result in a memory leak.
        A consequence of the bug fix is that DO statement errors
        previously converted to warnings now are returned as
        errors. (Bug #17479887)

      * If ownership of memory allocation was transferred between
        threads, Performance Schema memory instrumentation could
        report memory use of the threads incorrectly. (Bug

      * For debug builds, statements including table-less
        subqueries could raise an assertion when executed within
        scheduled events. (Bug #17435114)

      * The --help message displayed by mysql_secure_installation
        did not show options related to option-file processing,
        such as --defaults-file. (Bug #17339009)

      * Memory usage values in the Performance Schema
        memory_summary_global_by_event_name table could be
        negative. (Bug #17243619)

      * For debug builds, an assertion could be raised in
        character-set conversion code due to an overly strict
        condition. (Bug #13740934)

      * mysql-systemd-start failed if datadir was set in
        /etc/my.cnf. (Bug #77357, Bug #21262883)

      * The outdated and not-maintained
        plugin/daemon_example/ChangeLog file was removed. (Bug
        #77188, Bug #21168681)

      * Executing a prepared EXPLAIN statement could cause the
        server to hang. (Bug #77144, Bug #21139522)

      * For mysqldump, the -T option is supposed to be the short
        form of the --tab option, but was mistakenly associated
        with --debug-info instead. (Bug #77037, Bug #21088793)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #66854.

      * The Common Name value written by mysql_ssl_rsa_setup to
        the client-cert.pem client certificate file was
        rather than
        (Bug #77035, Bug #21087116)

      * When the directory specified for the secure_file_priv
        system variable did not exist, the server produced a
        Failed to normalize the argument error message. It now
        produces a message indicating that the directory did not
        exist. The same problem occurred for the --datadir option
        to mysql_ssl_rsa_setup and was fixed the same way. (Bug
        #76918, Bug #21021894)

      * For logging to the binary log, the server could rewrite
        CREATE USER and ALTER USER statements, adding an ACCOUNT
        UNLOCK clause not present in the original statement. This
        could unlock locked accounts and cause differences
        between master and slave servers. The clause is no longer
        written unless present in the original statement. (Bug
        #76911, Bug #20996273)

      * Compilation could fail in the query rewrite plugin code
        for some CMake options. (Bug #76800, Bug #20937654)

      * Unaligned memory access could cause spatial operations to
        fail. (Bug #76748, Bug #20911624)

      * Ubuntu packages were missing dependencies for killall and
        psmisc. (Bug #76716, Bug #20893836)

      * mysqld --help --verbose was slow if the InnoDB buffer
        pool was configured to a large size. Now with those
        options, buffer pool allocation is not performed. (Bug
        #76625, Bug #20856397)

      * CREATE USER events written to the binary log included the
        new ACCOUNT syntax even with
        log_backward_compatible_user_definitions enabled. (Bug
        #76560, Bug #20814051)

      * The server rejected empty COM_SHUTDOWN packets. (Bug
        #76552, Bug #20810928)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #14525642.

      * In sql/handler.h, HA_ATTACHABLE_TRX_COMPATIABLE and
        HA_GENERATED_COLUMNS were defined with the same value.
        (Bug #76503, Bug #20783191)

      * mysqlimport --use-threads did not actually use multiple
        threads. (Bug #76480, Bug #20772273)

      * The mutex used for the optimizer cost model cost-constant
        cache was not instrumented by the Performance Schema.
        This instrument is now available as
        . (Bug #76460, Bug #20755430)

      * These statement-timeout problems were corrected:

           + An assertion could be raised with max_statement_time
             set greater than zero and multiple concurrent
             sessions executing certain EXPLAIN statements.

           + The error message indicating that statement
             execution was interrupted referred to the
             max_statement_time system variable, even if the
             relevant timeout was a per-statement value. The
             error message is now more generic.

           + It was not possible to set the max_statement_time
             system variable at server startup.

           + Setting max_statement_time to set a statement
             timeout could cause memory leaks or assertion
             failures on Windows.

           + Attempting to kill statements that use attachable
             transactions caused subsequent statements to
             function improperly, resulting in assertion
             failures. A max_statement_time timeout on such
             statements could produce a similar outcome.
        Subsequent to these changes, the max_statement_time
        system variable was renamed to max_execution_time.
        (Bug #76446, Bug #20788811, Bug #76915, Bug #21021670,
        Bug #76916, Bug #21021754, Bug #20705648, Bug #20705642,
        Bug #75782, Bug #20507804)
        References: See also Bug #21306646.

      * Attempts to create a foreign key matching a FULLTEXT
        index failed. For debug builds, attempts to create a
        foreign key matching a SPATIAL index raised an assertion.
        (Bug #76445, Bug #20752436)

      * The ORDER BY clause of a derived table was appended to an
        INSERT statement, but ordering for a table being inserted
        into is irrelevant and caused a server exit. (Bug #76436,
        Bug #20753569)

      * A failing ALTER TABLE tablespace operation (DISCARD
        TABLESPACE or IMPORT TABLESPACE could produce an
        incorrect internal tablespace state, causing a succeeding
        statement to fail. (Bug #76424, Bug #20748660)

      * Enabling the sql_buffer_result system variable could
        cause a server exit for multiple-table UPDATE statements.
        (Bug #76419, Bug #20748537)

      * The value of secure_file_priv displayed as NULL for both
        --secure_file_priv=NULL (correct) and
        --secure_file_priv="" (incorrect). (Bug #76401, Bug

      * SHOW CREATE TABLE did not correctly display generated
        columns that had a character set defined. (Bug #76328,
        Bug #20709462)

      * The Com_stmt_reprepare status variable was missing from
        the Performance Schema global_status and session_status
        tables. (Bug #76305, Bug #20697446)

      * For multibyte character sets, LOAD DATA could fail to
        allocate space correctly and ignore input rows as a
        result. (Bug #76237, Bug #20683959)
        References: This bug was introduced by Bug #14653594.

      * Compilation could fail due to a missing dependency on
        lex_token.h for (Bug #76235, Bug

      * Global status variables related to SSL certificate
        metadata were available only within sessions established
        using SSL. (Bug #76157, Bug #20648276)

      * ALTER USER statements that named an authentication plugin
        did not check whether the plugin is valid. (Bug #76052,
        Bug #20602525)

      * mysqld --help --verbose tried to perform actions that
        have nothing to do with displaying a help message:
        Locking files, initializing system files, and checking
        for a plugin table. (Bug #75995, Bug #20581228)

      * For a SET = (subquery) statement within a stored
        procedure, the server could exit if a subquery
        transformation was performed. (Bug #75994, Bug #20583321)

      * Several spatial function issues were resolved by use of
        Boost.Geometry for GIS algorithms:

           + ST_Centroid() with a MultiPolygon argument could
             produce incorrect results.

           + Multiple calls to ST_Intersection() could return
             inconsistent results for some arguments.

           + ST_Within() and ST_Touches() could return incorrect
             results for some arguments.
        (Bug #75829, Bug #20508769, Bug #69425, Bug #19270344,
        Bug #69538, Bug #19270334)

      * Operations on a string exceeding max_allowed_packet bytes
        could return NULL and incorrectly replace an existing
        value in UPDATE statements with NULL rather than failing.
        (Bug #75539, Bug #20376498)

      * EXPLAIN for INSERT ... SELECT statements into a
        multiple-table view always displayed the first table of
        the view as the table being inserted into, even if it was
        not. (Bug #75424, Bug #20310257)

      * The parser could dereference a null pointer after an
        out-of-memory error. (Bug #75372, Bug #20294206)

      * With a small thread stack, queries with many expressions
        could produce a thread stack overrun error. (Bug #74985,
        Bug #20087571)

      * On platforms where the char is unsigned, the server was
        unable to parse collation definitions that included
        non-7-bit ASCII characters. Affected platforms include
        ARM and PowerPC. Thanks to Alexey Kopytov for the patch.
        (Bug #74891, Bug #20928289)

      * In the Performance Schema threads table, the
        change for the thread/sql/main main thread instrument as
        the thread state changed. (Bug #74517, Bug #19887143)

      * On OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), mysqld failed to start
        automatically. The startup item has been replaced with a
        launchd job, which enables the preference pane checkbox
        for automatic startup to work again. (Bug #74434, Bug

      * mysql_install_db did not write a date to the
        .mysql_secret file. (Bug #74006, Bug #19659004)

      * Incorrect results could be produced tor views and derived
        tables on the inner side of an outer join and from which
        non-nullable expressions such as literals were selected.
        (Bug #73953, Bug #20841369, Bug #67014, Bug #15967464,
        Bug #65936, Bug #14358878, Bug #67300, Bug #15936817, Bug

      * Certain queries for the INFORMATION_SCHEMA TABLES and
        COLUMNS tables could lead to excessive memory use when
        there were large numbers of empty InnoDB tables. (Bug
        #72322, Bug #18592390)

      * Large integer literals converted to floats for comparison
        with decimal data could lose precision and produce
        incorrect results. (Bug #72056, Bug #18411494, Bug

      * When choosing join order, the optimizer could incorrectly
        calculate the cost of a table scan and choose a table
        scan over a more efficient eq_ref join. (Bug #71584, Bug

      * The server interpreted --tc-heuristic-recover option
        values incorrectly due to an off-by-one error. Thanks to
        Laurynas Biveinis for the patch. (Bug #70860, Bug

      * On OS X, the vio_io_wait() call could cause stack
        corruption for a large number of file descriptors (more
        than FD_SETSIZE). (Bug #69903, Bug #17259750)

      * Queries that included a HAVING clause based on
        nondeterministic functions could produce incorrect
        results. (Bug #69638, Bug #17055185)

      * MySQL failed to compile using OpenSSL 0.9.8e. (Bug
        #68999, Bug #16861371)

      * For mysqlslap, the combination of
        --auto-generate-sql-secondary-indexes and
        --auto-generate-sql failed because it tried to insert
        36-digit UUID values into a VARCHAR(32) column. Thanks to
        Tsubasa Tanaka for the patch. (Bug #55265, Bug #11762644)

MySQL Community Server 5.7.8 has been released (part 3/3)Balasubramanian Kandasamy3 Aug