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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 11:41am
Subject:UdmSearch 2.0
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  UdmSearch-2.0 MySQL based indexing and searching system 
  over the web is  available now!

   From ChangeLog:

   * Added configure script to easy installation 
on different platforms. 

   * Added robots.txt and META robots support. 

   * Added 'MaxHops' config file option Now one can 
define maximum way in  'mouse clicks' from start URLs. 

   * Added META keywords and description processing. 
Now UdmSearch will find document first by default 
if there given words  are found in keywords or description. 
UdmSearch stores keywords and description in database. 
One can easy add it into search result. 

   * Added TitleWeight, BodyWeight, DescWeight, KeywordWeight and
config file options to define the 'weight' of each word in the different
of the document.

   * Now one could easy configure indexer to run it 
in 'ftpsearch' mode (search through URL rather then content of the
and in 'checker' mode (search incorrect references on the site). 
Configuration samples are included. 

   * Added 'FollowOutside' config file option to allow indexer 
follow outside servers given in configuration file.

   * Added 'Index' config file option to allow/disallow indexer store
found words in database 

   * Added 'Follow' config file option to allow/disallow 
indexer store new found urls in database.

   * Added 'CheckOnly regexp' config file option. 
Indexer will use HEAD instead of GET http method for URLs
that matches regexp. It means that the file will be checked 
only rather then downloaded. Usefull for zip,exe,arj and other binary 
files in 'ftpsearch' and 'checker' modes.

   * Added 'MaxNetErrors' config file option. 
If there too many network errors on some server 
(server is down, host unreachable etc) indexer will 
try to do not more then 'number' attempts to connect to this server.

   * Added some nice command line arguments to indexer:

- Now one could easy reindex only subsection of database 
with given filter(s): tag, URLs those match given patern 
(sql LIKE wildcards) or URLs with given HTTP status code.

- One could easy reindex URLs even if not expired yet.

- Now indexer can show some statistics of whole/part database.

- One could easy delete URLs with given filter(s) or clear whole

  * Some fixes and nice changes in searc.cgi and search.php3 

You can download UdmSearch-2.0 from

I also uploaded UdmSearch-2.0.tar.gz into

Monty, please move it to Contrib.  (done)

Alexander Barkov
JV "IZHCOM", Izhevsk,
email:    bar@stripped      |
Phone:    +7 (3412) 78-57-35 | Fax: +7 (3412) 78-70-10
ICQ:      7748759
UdmSearch 2.0Michael Widenius26 Apr