Threads for Mar 2007

SQLAlchemymessageMonty Taylor27 Mar
[Fwd: Re: [Swig-user] Perl and SWIG_exception]messageMonty Taylor26 Mar
unit testsmessageMonty Taylor24 Mar
NDB-connectors patchesmessageMonty Taylor24 Mar
exceptions and perlmessagesMonty Taylor, Mika Raento22 Mar
patch: my NDB headers are under ndb/ not storage/ndbmessagesStewart Smith, Monty Taylor, Mika Raento22 Mar
bazaar batchesmessagesMonty Taylor, Mika Raento20 Mar
Can't send large patches to the list, so hermessageMonty Taylor20 Mar missing AC_CANONICAL_HOST, won't work on OS-XmessagesMonty Taylor, Mika Raento20 Mar
ndb.i including Ndb.i doesn't work on OS-X due to case-insensitivitymessageMika Raento20 Mar
Callbacks from JavamessageMonty Taylor7 Mar
Welcome to the NDB Connectors mailing listmessageMySQL List Administrator7 Mar