Threads for May 2016

alter table and 'something wrong in indexes'?messageMAS!08:45
MySQL doesn't shutdown cleanly sometimesmessageThorsten Schöning23 May 2016
understanding the binlogmessagesBernd Lentes20 May 2016
ANN: Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.7 released!messageAleksander Andreev19 May 2016
MySQL Connector/J 5.1.39 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison9 May 2016
Memory leak caused by query table meta data?messageZhaobang Liu9 May 2016
Reformat: Connector/Python and calling stored procedures withbackticksmessageMagnus Lind Oxlund8 May 2016
Connector/Python and calling stored procedures with backticksmessageMagnus Lind Oxlund7 May 2016
utf8 options under S.ndor6 May 2016
Adding values returned by GREATESTmessagesSukhjinder K. Narula, shawn, Peter Brawley, S.ndor3 May 2016