Threads for Apr 2015

Issue with timestamp columns while working with MySQL load data in filemessagesPothanaboyina Trimurthy, hsv12 Apr 2015
Slow QuerymessagesWalter Dolce, battossai, Johan De Meersman10 Apr 2015
time stamp specific to columnsmessagesMichael Dykman, hsv, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski, Andrew Wallace, Martin Mueller9 Apr 2015
store search result as new table in memorymessagesLucio Chiappetti, Jan Steinman, shawn, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski, Rajeev Prasad9 Apr 2015
MySQL Community Server 5.7.7 has been releasedmessageBjorn Munch8 Apr 2015
MySQL Community Server 5.5.43 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison7 Apr 2015
Dumping database names from bash with exclusionmessagesTim Johnson, hsv1 Apr 2015
longtext fields in a rowmessagesTrianon 33, shawn, Andrew Wallace, Andrew Mueller1 Apr 2015