Threads for Apr 2012

Aviso PrĂ©viomessageCursos - AF Figueiredo27 Apr
federated bug: Bug #61526 create table .. like .. federated tablecrashes with auto_increment columnmessagexiaobing jiang25 Apr
RecepcionistasmessageCursos - AF Figueiredo23 Apr
AprendizmessageCursos - AF Figueiredo15 Apr
crash we've seen in TC_LOG_MMAP::unlogmessagesSergei Golubchik, Zardosht Kasheff14 Apr
question on storage engines, two phase commits, and fsyncing on commitmessagesZardosht Kasheff, Sergei Golubchik, Kristian Nielsen14 Apr
MySQL Audit FunctionmessagesPaul DuBois, Sergei Golubchik, Rick James, Antony T Curtis13 Apr
crashing server during a mysql testmessagesMARK CALLAGHAN, Zardosht Kasheff9 Apr
multiple storage engines supporting XAmessagesZardosht Kasheff, Sergei Golubchik, Stewart Smith9 Apr
mysql tests for XA during recoverymessageZardosht Kasheff5 Apr
Lucro Real 2012messageCursos - AF Figueiredo5 Apr
table-scan-questionmessageStewart Smith2 Apr