Threads for May 2000

serious bug allows anyone access to database as rootmessagessasha, Matt Vermette, Michael Labbe, jason, Brad Johnson, Michael Widenius, Nick Lindridge, John Calder31 May
datetime and time fields on Alpha store incorrect datamessagesMichael Widenius, Adam Kennedy30 May
bug in mysqlshowmessagesAndras Szigeti, Michael Widenius29 May
Joining tables with myisampack does not workmessagesMichael Widenius, cathy22 May
Server failuremessagesMichael Widenius, Tomas Styblo, sasha, Michael Widenius22 May
Repeatable mysql 'update' bug - lockup / cpu drain.10 messagesSander Pilon, sasha, Michael Widenius, Thimble Smith, Dana Powers19 May
mysqlbugsmessagesmengyui, Thimble Smith18 May
DEFINE_ALL_CHARACTER_SETS in sql/ bombs compilationmessagesMichael Widenius, jan.dvorak12 May
MySQL server crashes when REPLACE INTO'ing binary datamessagessasha, Matthias Pigulla11 May
Corruption of Compressed Tablesmessagescathy, Michael Widenius10 May
Problem Report: MySql deamon hangs on Suse Linuxmessagessasha, Michael Widenius, AXD Wittig Andreas10 May
Bug with delete still exists !!!messagesMichael Widenius, sasha10 May
UNSCRIBEmessageBob Karl9 May
Grant table insert bugmessagesBrian Hacking, Michael Widenius9 May
mysql 3.22.32 - getty error 2014 - CR_COMMAND_OUT_OF_SYNCHmessagesMichael Widenius, Thimble Smith, (Pierre-Ephrem Madiot)8 May
FW: Corruption of Compressed TablesmessagesCathy Luo, Michael Widenius8 May, Andrey Kotrekhov, Joël Guened7 May
DATE_FORMAT is overzealous about parsing %a.messagesmso, Michael Widenius, Mike Orr5 May
Test of bug reportmessageDavid Axmark4 May
AUTO_INCREMENT bug after inserting negative valuemessagesThimble Smith, Michael Widenius, Manuel Lemos1 May