Threads for Sep 2009

backup.backup_logs fails on total_bytes10 messagesIngo Strüwing, Charles Bell, Ingo Strüwing, Rafal Somla25 Sep
Request for decision: Shall RESTORE reset the creation date forprocedures?messagesJørgen Løland, Ingo Strüwing, Charles Bell24 Sep
MOM-BACKUP-090901 action items closed - decision requiredmessagesIngo Strüwing, Rafal Somla22 Sep
How to merge mysql-6.0-backup?messagesIngo Strüwing, Charles Bell17 Sep
Our discussion on IRC re MEMORY lockingmessagesJørgen Løland, Ingo Strüwing13 Sep
FYI: Merged -next to -backupmessageIngo Strüwing9 Sep
Can we make backup_row_size a "big" test?messageIngo Strüwing8 Sep
[Fwd: Re: backup.backup_log_filesize fails in PB2]messageIngo Strüwing4 Sep
Meeting preparation [Re: Restore locking: TRUNCATE resetsAUTO_INCREMENT on InnoDB]messageIngo Strüwing1 Sep